getting started

Historically, mockneat was hosted using bintray/jcenter. Starting with May 1st 2021 JFrog decided not to accept new versions and packages for submission.

From 0.4.4 version onwards, mockneat will be hosted on maven central.

For older versions (<= 0.4.2) you can continue to use the older jcenter() repository, which will be up at least until February 1st 2022. This gives us enough time to migrate all the projects to the new maven central repo.

maven (maven central, versions >= 0.4.4)


gradle (maven central, versions >= 0.4.4)

implementation 'net.andreinc:mockneat:0.4.8'

maven (jcenter, versions =< 0.4.2.)


gradle (jcenter, versions < 0.4.2.)

repositories {
dependencies {
  compile 'net.andreinc.mockneat:mockneat:0.4.2'


Clone it from github.:

git clone

Create the fat jar. This will contain mockneat and all the associated dependencies:

gradle shadowJar

Check the ./build/libs/ for .jar file: mockneat-<version>-all.jar.

Add the mockneat-<version>-all.jar to the classpath of the project.